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Manufacturing Support

Unlock the Potential of Manufacturing Transfer and Supply Chain Setup with Us! At Lanzon Design, we combine technical prowess with manufacturing services to provide comprehensive Manufacturing Transfer and Supply Chain Setup Services.

Manufacturing Transfer

Collaborate closely with our team to smoothly transition your product design from development to the manufacturing floor. Minimise risks and maintain product integrity throughout the transfer process. Leverage our extensive network of trusted manufacturing partners to optimise cost and efficiency while ensuring top-quality production.

Supply Chain Optimisation

Analyse your existing supply chain or establish a new one to enhance efficiency and minimise costs. Identify and address potential bottlenecks to reduce lead times and ensure timely delivery of your products. Streamline operations with our expertise in supplier selection, procurement, logistics, inventory management, and demand forecasting.

Risk Mitigation

Conduct thorough risk assessments to anticipate and mitigate potential disruptions in your supply chain. Identify alternative suppliers and establish contingency plans to minimise the impact of unforeseen events. Protect your investment and reputation by implementing proactive strategies that ensure uninterrupted production.

Cost Optimisation

Evaluate your manufacturing processes and supply chain to identify opportunities for cost reduction.

Manufacturing Services UK

More Capabilities

If you’re seeking to enhance your design engineering projects, we invite you to explore our additional capabilities. From advanced prototyping and simulation to expertise in cutting-edge materials and manufacturing techniques, we offer the tools and knowledge to tackle complex challenges. Click below to learn more.

Manufacturing Services UK


Some of the products we have worked on have become award winners.

Manufacturing Services UK


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