Product Design Consultancy UK

Product Design & Technology Development Specialist

Lanzon Design is an independent product design consultancy in the UK helping businesses to design, develop and manufacture innovative new products, technologies and establish supply chains.

Product Design Consultancy UK


Lanzon Design has expertise in a range of sectors, including consumer products, medical and scientific fields, and often work within our clients’ ISO 9001 & 13485 systems to ensure high-quality results.

We focus on cutting-edge technology and high performance products. We’re always eager to take on new design challenges and push the boundaries of what’s possible to achieve the best results. 

The company is dedicated to delivering innovative and effective solutions that exceed clients’ expectations.


In-depth knowledge in designing products for the consumer goods industry. Offering comprehensive consumer product design services, whether it's retail, leisure or innovative consumer goods.


Integrating into your team to support the process of developing a medical device, working within your company's QMS to rigorous standards and high levels of quality.


We have experience with industrial products such as air treatment, solar energy storage and bespoke process equipment.

Product Design Consultancy UK


Lanzon Design offers two types of project engagements: stand-alone projects, where the client outsources the development of a product entirely to our team or contract engineering, where we work as an extension of our client’s team.

Regardless of the project type, Lanzon Design’s approach is centred around collaboration, communication and delivering high-quality results.

The company has extensive experience in all aspects of product development and provides regular updates and feedback to clients to ensure their needs are met.

Lanzon Design aims to make the product development process smooth and efficient while delivering innovative and effective solutions that exceed client expectations.

Product Design Consultancy UK


Lanzon Design offers services in product design and development for a wide range of clients, from entrepreneurial start-ups with a bright idea to long-established companies with established product ranges.

We can work on stand-alone development projects as independent outsourced partners as well as directly integrating our skills and services on a contract basis to join our client’s inhouse product development teams when extra input is needed to achieve their existing development goals and timelines.

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Product Design Consultancy UK


Some of the products we have worked on have become award winners.

Product Design Consultancy UK


Have a bright idea, an existing development project or are in need of design engineering services to bolster your team?

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